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The sound samples contains the following music.
"No Matter What" Joann Lediger
"Whole Lot Better" David Pirell
"Memphis" David Pirell
"No Matter What (instrumental)" David Pirell
"Route 66" David Pirell
"Smoker's Prayer" Chuck Stever
"Stand Up" Gregg Hollister
"Spider Webs" Len Post
"Enola Gay" Nersesian
"Get Tough" Rhett Tyler
"What the Reason" Players Club

The Harris Bros Horns

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Hickory Street Studio

Peter Sando

Victors House of Music

Coheed and Cambria Online

Will Lee's Funk House

the jazzeteria network

Denny Leroux

Free Audio Clips

Larry Alexander

Wounded Warrior Project

BabyFace Software, Inc.

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Berlin Underground Association

Berlin Brigade

Berlin Veterans Association

The Vietnam Database

Rockland County, Chapter333

5th Special Forces Group

Special Forces Airborne HQ

The Mike Force Association

Sniper Country

Tunnel Escape: Berlin Wall, Past and Present

Help these special people.(

Remington Arms

Abel Ferrara: The Moral Vision

Society of Illustrators

Rockland Business Association

Felix the Cat

"Strong Bad"
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By Jerry Donellan. Buy a copy?
Abel Ferrara
with Nadia Von Lowenstien in
Abel Ferrara's "could this be
My view of the world - Berlin